Our mission is to provide best care and achieve healthy state for our patients together through building mutual respect over time.
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Rockville Medical Care offer a wide variety of services for disease prevention, evaluation and treatment of the common acute and chronic medical problems. We perform and provide multiple screening tests conveniently in the office. Provide routine immunizations to keep you well.
Preventive care
Promote your health
  • Annual Exams
  • Medicare Wellness Visits
  • School forms
  • Immunizations
  • Screening for Heart, Lung, Thyroid, Bone diseases
  • Tobacco Cessation
In-office procedures
* Same day results
  • Blood draw
  • EKG *
  • Spirometry *
  • Flu & Strep throat test *
  • Urine Analysis *
  • Home Sleep Study test
Weight loss consultations
Evaluation for
  • Need of the weight loss
  • Weight-related medical conditions
  • Nutritional changes
  • Physical activities
  • Medical treatment
  • Recommendations and Referral for Bariatric surgery

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